Expert Witnesses In Computer Science

Need an expert witness in Computer Science? We have many experienced programmers and coders that can help you.

Expert Witnesses

Our computer science expert witnesses are industry professionals who’ve worked on various projects dating back to the early stages of the web and extending forward as they help define the future.

Expert Witnesses In Computer Science

Scholars, Speakers, and Consultants

Auditing and Reviewing

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We have all kinds of expert witnesses in computer science. We specialize in —

Algorithms — Computational geometry — Quantum computing — Reliable computing — Physical and cyber attacks — Optical computing — Auditing — Mobile devices — Robotics — Search Engines — Program optimization — Fault testing — Program logics — Game theory — Finance and investment algorithms — Data compression — Data mining — DNA computing — VLSI — Intellectual property

Software — Cyberwar — Scientific and engineering computation — User interface — World Wide Web — Artificial intelligence — Object-oriented programming — Digital libraries — E-commerce — Reasoning about uncertainty — Security — Fault-tolerant distributed computing — Debugging — Virtual reality — Computer graphics — Personal computers


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