Case study: Sutter Health hires Lawise to develop, integrate, and administrate, a custom software within their MySutter intranet. What are some keys to a successful custom software?

January 6, 2022by lawise0

Recently we developed a custom software for Sutter Health with the aim to help their employees advance their career development. It’s not uncommon for large corporations to seek digital solutions to help facilitate internal as well as external growth. So what are the keys to successful software? Today we’ll dive into some key elements that are critical to helping any custom software succeed.

Functionality is at the core of successful software development. While it may sound simple, many projects have failed at this important point. One study found that over 70% of all software implementations failed. Lack of proper coding, and experience is at the heart of this failure. One of the reasons why Sutter Health hired us, is because they were confident in our ability to provide a world class software that functions smoothly. In addition, we ensured their site was ADA and HIPPA compliant, a common requirement for government and health care projects.
Whenever creating a new software, it is critical to ensure that best coding practices are strictly adhered to in order for your software to function properly.
“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amatuer.” – Red Adair

Good UX and UI
Functionality alone does not make a successful software. A key factor in creating any custom software is to have a neat, solid, and professional design. UX stands for user experience, making a user friendly design is critical. UI stands for user interface, this is essentially how well the user can get things done and use the software. At Lawise we use methods that are based on Stanford Research, and strategies that have been rigorously tested across large brands. Why? Because over the last two decades they have proven to be successful.
“If it doesn’t make sense to the user, they won’t use it. It’s that simple.” -Steve Jobs

Align your strategic objectives
It’s important to realize that a custom software is something that is fueled by your business, project or idea — without it, it’s very unlikely to succeed. The first step in developing a custom software is defining your business needs and requirements. Many clients have come to use a failed software because it didn’t have a clear objective. If you are stuck in a failed software development project it’s best to have it audited by the right professionals to pick up the pieces that are left and bring them back together. One of the reasons why Sutter Health hired us is because they didn’t want to risk time or money on a project that failed — it’s important to choose the right people for the right job.

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