Our Co-Founder’s Thoughts on Behavior Design

For 20 years, I have been developing software for small businesses and large corporations. I knew something was missing to make systems more successful at the beginning. Many ventures apply the benefits factor to their equation, and I came to the conclusion that this approach is good but not the best approach.

This is when I discovered behavior design. Proof has shown that the dozens of large companies that have applied behavior design from their inception have set themselves up for a higher rate of success, sometimes leading them to be sold for millions and even billions of dollars. Instagram and students from Stanford creating Facebook apps have proven the concept.

I was part of a special group receiving training from Dr. BJ Fogg of Stanford University, the inventor of behavior design. He is a guru in innovative web businesses and behavior design, or the study of how technology influences human behavior. His goal was for our special group to become masters in behavior design, and I’m pleased that his goal was met.

Since that time I have been advising customers to apply behavior design to their core web business model. We want our customers to succeed, and behavior design assists in increasing the chances of this goal.

With our customers, together we dissect a system into behaviors and elements that will either break or make a system, therefore increasing its chances of success on the Internet. Contact us for more information about applying behavioral design for your venture and/or your project. You will be glad you did. Same psychology and years of research is applied with our customers to gain or retain users. These scientific methods have proven to attain and retain a massive amount of users. At Lawise we apply these principles with our clients and have achieved amazing results.

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